Trackspy – Motorsport Video Dashcam Comparison

It’s interesting to see how ordinary motorists and amateur/semi-pro race drivers are so fascinated (bordering on obsessed?) with obtaining F1-like data and telemetry for their driving activities.

So much so, that there are any number of quite good (and improving) smartphone apps for the major platforms that aim to provide the motorsports telemetry experience to a wide audience. Some are free, some are quite expensive, but all have a large following. Some are better implemented than others, but there’s a growing trend for this type of application to come with back-end server support for more comprehensive playback and analysis. These server systems are (so far) by no means as professional or as comprehensive as something like the Magneti Marelli’s top-end WINTAX or ATLAS products, but much more accomplished than you would ever be able to get on your smartphone.

A couple of relative newcomers to this arena are the ‘Porsche Track Precision’ and ‘TrackSpy’ applications. Both are currently available to download for free, but whereas the Porsche app requires special vehicle hardware (And only available on the Cayman GT4, 911 GT3 RS or 911 GT3) for a whopping £1085.00 , TrackSpy is available to anybody with an OBD port in their car. Still in preview stage on the Android/Play Store platform, the TrackSpy app itself is fairly clean and simple to use, but has a back end server that provides much more F1-style analytics than other offerings, something the Porsche app and others lack. Incorporating video as well as data acquisition, the TrackSpy server web pages in this case seem well put together and provides not only a small amount of data analysis, but also allows a competitive and social connectivity and sharing ( From what I can tell, this system is unique in what it’s trying to do, but I suspect there will be more like it – apps like this can only help to raise the profile of the importance of accurate vehicle data acquisition and presentation!

Comparison Videos:-

Porsche Track Precision. (Official Video)

Porsche Track Precision. (User Video)
Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be many user examples but the one I did find showed problems with latency between the control unit and the mobile device I assume this is a fault but without seeing more I cannot confirm this behaviour.

Trackspy (Promo Video).

Trackspy Accuracy. (User Video) 203mph Vmax

I recently tested the application and found it very easy to use and did a run in a Lamborghini Aventador lp700-4 and wondered about the accuracy after 155mph.

I needn’t have worried about it as when the car reached the vmax it passed a laser speed trap setup by the organisers at VMAX200, this showed that the speed was accurate to 1mph.

Trackspy Precision
Trackspy Accuracy Screenshot

Trackspy looks quite polished considering it is in the preview stage it already has a map overlay which is powered by google map api but also has the added benefit of allowing a central repository from other drivers so you can compare and analyse your laps.

Also it seems to support all the tracks world wide which is an amazing achievement and even has a directory where you can view the overlays.

Trackspy Maps

Apparently this is still very much under development and the planned additions are dial packs more telemetry data analysis widgets and most intriguing is integration in to #androidauto and #gopro action cams.

If you would like to know more why not have a peek at our sister site #Trackspy (Yes we are slightly Biased), and download your free preview.

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