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Invest in a stylish classic car for under £2,000

Invest in a stylish classic car for under £2,000

The classic car market in the UK is booming – and for thousands of Brits, seeking a stylish vintage alternative to modern motors is an increasingly affordable option.

Not only do many classics evoke feelings of nostalgia, but the realisation that owning a piece of historywon’t break the bank – especially if the annual mileage is kept down – is reason enough for many new enthusiasts to get involved.

However, taking those first steps into the classic car market can be intimidating if you don’t know what to look for.

Consequently, whether it’s a purchase made for investment purposes, or a motor simply for showing off in, it pays to get your choice right first time to avoid major maintenance headaches in the future.

Read on to discover the most top three most popular vintage vehicles for under £2,000…

Saab 900

One of the cheapest classic cars on the market, the Saab 900 really is a British favourite. Since its inception in 1978, this motor has gained a bigger following than the Pied Piper of Hamelin, thanks to its reliability and inimitable style. Available as a 2-door convertible or 4-door sedan, the Saab 900 comes complete with a juicy 2.0 L engine, which is more than adequate for cruising around your local village terrorising pensioners (I’m kidding, of course). Price-wise, you can pick one up for around £995 – and that really is an absolute bargain.

Mercedes 190

Still more exciting than finding a ten pound note in an old pair of jeans, the Mercedes 190 has stood the test of time to be considered a true classic in most enthusiasts’ minds. The car has oodles of personality and was one of the first compact models introduced by the German motoring giant. Importantly, prices nowadays are extremely reasonable, and a classic Mercedes for sale in good nick can be picked up for around £1000 – the same prices as a second-hand Mondeo…

Porsche 944

Most car nuts have likely dreamt of owning a Porsche at some point in their lives – and now they can, thanks to the affordability of the Porsche 944. Introduced in 1992, this car served two very important purposes for the discerning motorist: lots of speed and lots of style. It turned heads and made the driver feel invincible. Agreed, it’s not as sexy as the 911, but you can OWN A PORSCHE for as little as £1,500!