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Audi RS3 Test Mule Spotted at the Nurburgring wearing VW branding.

Today our spies caught the 2011 Audi S3 prototype in a sportsback body.

The car adopts some wider vents to feed the 2.5l 5 cylinder turbocharged engine as used in the Audi TTRS we expect a detuned variant of the TTRS expecting aroung the 310ps and 420 NM.

Also noted was its inherent identity crisis with the front VW golf alloys.

The above power output will make up for the Quattro system power loss and compete with the Focus RS and the Renault Megane 250.

Expect the Audi RS3 at the Frankfurt IAA in 2010 and a launch date round Feb-Mar 2011.


Subaru STI Saloon Hotlapping the #Nurburgring

Heres some pictures of the saloon Subaru STI lapping the nurburgring in the Eifle valley.

The STI will recieve suspension tweaks including thicker anti-roll bars front and rear together with stiffer poly bushes and springs to handle the additional weight,Also a revised spoiler will be added to increase rear downforce.

Isnt it a surprise seeing this after the press release from ford about the RS500 Focus.


BMW M1 Spotted Naked at the #nurburgring #exclusive

Today we spotted the child to the original BMW M1 not quite the legendary iconic masterpiece but the only fitting name for the 1 series based on the TI chassis.

A BMW 1 Series Coupe, tweaked by the company’s M division, Destined to slot beneath the M3 Coupe, the smaller 1 Series Coupe is said to feature a modified twin-turbocharged six-cylinder packing 349 horsepower. The aluminum engine will be mated to a standard six-speed dual-clutch gearbox with an electronically-controlled rear M differential. With a curb weight of just over 3,300 pounds and easily making more than 310-330 lb-ft of torque, Expect a 0-60 time of sub 5 seconds.

Also note the wheel arches rumour has it there is something very different under there!


Lexus LF-A Spy Shot in the Eifel Valley

After a few years in hiding the Lexus LF-A has reared its Beautiful head. The sub 5 litre v10 engine sounds like a dream and makes a noise to make the likes of Lamborghini and Ferrari take note. I first came across the car on the 15th of September in Cochem overlooking the picturesque Castle.

But without my camera I dashed back to pick it up and played cat and mouse across eifel trying to get a snap of the most beautifull looking Japanese car I have seen for years (My Opinion).

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The specs :

Engine: V10 (under 5.0-liters) Pistonspy Estimate 4.8
Horsepower: More than 500
Top Speed: Approximately 200 MPH
Tire Size
Front: 265/35R20
Rear: 305/30R20
Dimensions (inches)
Overall Length: 175.6
Overall Width: 74.6
Overall Height: 48.0
Wheelbase: 102.3