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2012 Porsche 911 (991) Turbo Spied in Northern Sweden

Deep in the winter landscape of northern Sweden we have spotted the Porsche 911 Turbo.

The new 911 will have a slightly wider stance and revised daylight running led lamps.

The larger looking intercoolers exposed by the bumper hints at a increase of Power from the 2 VTG turbocharger estimate at around 550-560hp.

And expect the 0-62 time an improvement to around 3.5 seconds along and a top speed of around 198mph, could this prototype be housing the new 4.0l engine under development from Porsche.

The new 911 will unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September the Turbo series, will probably be revealed in 2012.


Oldest Spyshots of the 2012 Mercedes SL

Here are some of the Oldest spy shots of the next-generation Mercedes-Benz SL model, always makes me giggle when people claim headlines for old spyshots this car was spotted back in November 2009 wearing the same Camouflage

So here are the better & more clearer pictures of the 2012 Mercedes SL from the Archives at Pistonspy, People really need to try harder……….

The 2012 Mercedes-Benz SL will debut at the earliest sometime in 2011.


Hyundai Sonata/I40 estate Test Mule Spotted at Nordschleife.

Hyundai today have once again been driving close to the Nuerburgring in Germany, In there Sonata/i40 estate prototype mule hidden in a blanket of Fog.

This Sonata/i40 estate will be the Korean manufacturer response to the highly competitive estate segment in the European markets , Expect the Hyundai to steal a slice for this market due to the usual agressive pricing and component levels compared to the usual rivals.

It is too early to confirm engines and other technical aspects and rumoured to be built in Czech Republic.

Expect Hyundai to reveal the final production model at paris later on this year (October).