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Ten practical ways to reduce your car insurance premium

Comfy Motoring
Not all insurance companies are the same they basically are the middlemen in between you the policy holder and the underwriter, the underwriter first needs to understand the type of risk associated with your disclosed profile and to see if you are an ideal policy holder for them to underwrite, if not your premium will be higher than underwriters targeting that particular profile of risk.

So by reducing an insurer’s appraisal of your risk you can reduce the insurance premium you end up paying.

There are of course many factors you either can’t change or can’t change easily for example your postcode if there is a high car crime rate your premium will be higher even if third party.

However there are ways to reduce your risk and basically reduce your insurance burden:-

  1. If you have a garage or a driveway you should use it as it is suggested this will reduce your payments by 4-8%.
  2. Avoid insuring high risk drivers on the same policy as this will add to the cost of the insurance premium.
  3. Avoid getting caught speeding or using your mobile phone as the latter is a serious offence which is reported to add more than 40% to the premium.
  4. Avoid modifying your car from the default manufacturers specification as this results in higher risk.
  5. If you have just passed your test take additional tuition for example PassPlus this will reduce your premium.
  6. Choose a car which reflects your risk if you have just past your test choose a vehicle with a 1.2 litre or perhaps even electric and if you want a little more power earn your way to the new car by building your no claims discount.
  7. Sounds an Obvious one this but don’t crash even if you have protected no claims discount as this will still reflect in a higher renewal.
  8. If you have no security system installed, it would be worth purchasing a professional install of a thatcham approved security device .
  9. Share the risk with the insurer by increasing your personal excess in case of a claim.
  10. Buy a new car which comes with 12 months free insurance could be a good option, but can also be rejected if the driver is deemed high risk.

If you manage your own perception of risk prior to buying a car and use the above tips to reduce premiums will ensure that your Car Insurance costs are kept to a manageable cost.

The Astonishing Mercedes Benz A45 AMG

Mercedes AMG

It’s going to take a while to get used to this. Mercedes Benz cars are supposed to be big, imposing and luxurious. Owning a Mercedes Benz means you are a significant member of society. You have the money to buy a Mercedes and the taste to appreciate Mercedes styling and the legacy of the brand.

What if the car isn’t significant in size or looks? What if it doesn’t look like a Mercedes Benz? A Mercedes that looks ordinary is like a three star Michelin restaurant selling Rice Crispy treats. Those treats better have something extraordinary in them. Luckily, Mercedes Benz let the clever people at AMG have the car with permission to do whatever they want. Mercedes-AMG GmbH is the performance expert for Mercedes Benz. They’re responsible for the frighteningly fast Black series of Mercedes Benz performance cars.

The A45 AMG is the same size and shape as any other sub-compact. It’s got five doors, the essentially fastback design with (when viewed from the side) an oval for the passengers and a box for the engine and the general look of a second or third car. It also carries a $50,000 price tag.
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Punching its Weight — Cadillac Hits Back with 2013 ATS

Cadillac ATS

They say in some spheres that less is more.

This is certainly the case when it comes to compact cars, which are luxury brands’ biggest sellers.

Now, with the launch of the 2013 Cadillac ATS in the Middle East, Cadillac are hitting back at BMW, Mercedes and Audi with a compact car of their own.

People move up to luxury cars by entering the compact market: Cadillac want to strike while that iron is hot. How?

The Reassurance of Safety

Not only does the ATS hit hard: it can take the hits. In the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) crash tests, the ATS achieved five stars — the maximum — in each category it was tested in: frontal crash, side crash, rollover, and overall.

In places like the UAE, where the dangerous driving on the roads makes car insurance as essential as it is mandatory, it’s good to know the vehicle can handle a bump or two.
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How to Buy a Used Car, Without Getting Ripped Off

Used cars are a great way to save money. After all, not everyone wants a long-term auto loan or has the money to put down on a brand new vehicle. By doing some research and having cars inspected, it is possible to buy used cars without getting ripped off.

Research the Dealer

Researching a dealer is very important so you should start by asking friends, relatives, coworkers and neighbours about where they and the people they trust bought their vehicles. Such advice will be honest and uninhibited. Additionally, people should look online to read reviews and ratings of area dealers. Local business associations, like the Better Business Bureau in the USA or Trading Standards in the UK will also have information about any past complaints filed against a business. The best dealers have a history of helping consumers find affordable and reliable vehicles.

Budget and Model in Mind

The first thing you should do is figure out how much he or she can spend on the vehicle. This helps narrow down the choices. Next, investigate different used cars and figure out a basic make and model. Most dealers have websites with current and past listings up. This helps people better understand what the market looks like and what is within their budget. For a more impartial opinion on the worth of a car, check out a website like this where you can find detailed valuations by make and model for each year.

Have the Car Inspected

The next step is to have the car inspected by a mechanic. You could ask a friend who knows their way around cars or could head to a local mechanic and pay a little for an inspection. This ensures that consumers know what is wrong with the vehicle so that it doesn’t break down a few months after purchase. Used cars often need minor work, but they shouldn’t kick the bucket right away. With the inspection in hand, you can ask for lower rates on the vehicle or move on to a different dealership.

Avoid Add-Ons to a Deal

Dealers make a lot of their money with warranties, selling roadside assistance plans and credit life insurance. If you want to walk away with a great deal then you need to say no to such add-ons. Researching book values on vehicles helps with this. There are so many price comparison websites online that make it very easy to find a cheap roadside assistance package or even a warranty at cheaper prices than most dealers can offer.

With some careful research, you can find a respected dealership and work with professionals to invest in a used car. This will save you money and ensures the vehicle you do end up buying is a good investment. Anyone who does not have the vehicle inspected or does not research a car’s worth could end up getting a less-than-ideal rate on a vehicle. The moral of the story: do your homework if you don’t want to get ripped off.

Invest in a stylish classic car for under £2,000

Invest in a stylish classic car for under £2,000

The classic car market in the UK is booming – and for thousands of Brits, seeking a stylish vintage alternative to modern motors is an increasingly affordable option.

Not only do many classics evoke feelings of nostalgia, but the realisation that owning a piece of historywon’t break the bank – especially if the annual mileage is kept down – is reason enough for many new enthusiasts to get involved.

However, taking those first steps into the classic car market can be intimidating if you don’t know what to look for.

Consequently, whether it’s a purchase made for investment purposes, or a motor simply for showing off in, it pays to get your choice right first time to avoid major maintenance headaches in the future.

Read on to discover the most top three most popular vintage vehicles for under £2,000…

Saab 900

One of the cheapest classic cars on the market, the Saab 900 really is a British favourite. Since its inception in 1978, this motor has gained a bigger following than the Pied Piper of Hamelin, thanks to its reliability and inimitable style. Available as a 2-door convertible or 4-door sedan, the Saab 900 comes complete with a juicy 2.0 L engine, which is more than adequate for cruising around your local village terrorising pensioners (I’m kidding, of course). Price-wise, you can pick one up for around £995 – and that really is an absolute bargain.

Mercedes 190

Still more exciting than finding a ten pound note in an old pair of jeans, the Mercedes 190 has stood the test of time to be considered a true classic in most enthusiasts’ minds. The car has oodles of personality and was one of the first compact models introduced by the German motoring giant. Importantly, prices nowadays are extremely reasonable, and a classic Mercedes for sale in good nick can be picked up for around £1000 – the same prices as a second-hand Mondeo…

Porsche 944

Most car nuts have likely dreamt of owning a Porsche at some point in their lives – and now they can, thanks to the affordability of the Porsche 944. Introduced in 1992, this car served two very important purposes for the discerning motorist: lots of speed and lots of style. It turned heads and made the driver feel invincible. Agreed, it’s not as sexy as the 911, but you can OWN A PORSCHE for as little as £1,500!

Nascar Betting

Motor sports have increased in popularity around the world while the Indy racing circuit has long has more of an international following; American stock car racing is also gaining an international foothold as well. Officially known as NASCAR, the sport offers three levels of competition: the Truck Series, the Nationwide Series and of course the highest level, Sprint Cup Racing. All provide opportunities for placing bets on them. However, the Sprint Cup is the series that hands down has the most wagers placed on it.
One benefit to placing wagers on NASCAR is that there are many ways in which to bet on a particular race. Betting on the race winner is a fairly simple kind of bet to understand. However, this type of bet is rather difficult due to the fact that the race begins with over 40 drivers on the track. The odds of picking a winner are tricky. Top three bets make it a little easier and give one a better chance of winning. Rather than selecting just one driver, three are picked that are believed to finish in the top three. Speed rows are another way in which wagers can be placed on a NASCAR race. The highest placing driver from among two to five drivers is selected.

When watching a NASCAR race, the length of these can be rather long. Many viewers at home find playing online casino games while watching can be fun. Slot machine games, like Motorbike Monkey, continue the motor sports theme. Motorbike Monkey is a five reeled slot game that provides a total of 25 paylines for players to win big. The game also has a progressive level which has an added jackpot bonus. A free spin bonus can also be activated by obtaining four free spin symbols anywhere on reels one through four. You can play roulette at Gaming Club online casino together with a wide variety of other casino game and slots machines.

Compare Vehicle Leasing Deals Online

Comparing Vehicle Leasing Deals Online

The Problem

Trying to find the best car leasing deals online can be a real nightmare. With a dizzying array of cars and offers available, trawling through countless sites to get the best bang for your buck just doesn’t sound like any fun at all. Choosing a car or van can be hard enough, let alone where and how to lease it.
Let’s look at what you’ve got to think about:
• Maintenance – Do you need your contract to include car maintenance?
• Contract Term – What period of time does your contract run for?
• Mileage – How many miles will you need to be able to cover?
• Payment Terms – How do you want to pay for the lease?
This kind of information often lurks in the small print – finding it can be like a looking for a needle in a haystack, making accurate comparison very difficult. One deal might look great, but if it lets you down in an area that’s important to you, there’s no option but to move on and try another finance company. With so many of them out there, searching could take some time.

The Solution

Fortunately, there’s a solution to all of this – you can now compare vehicle leasing deals at Comparecontracthire.com which is an indispensable resource. What’s great is not only can the site help you find the best deals for the car you want; it can help you choose a car or van by the most suitable offers available.
The search options are comprehensive – with 15 ways of searching for the vehicle and deal you’re looking for, if the perfect offer is out there – you’ll find it.
Some of the search options available include:
• Contract length & terms
• Annual mileage
• Maintenance
• Vehicle manufacturer
• Vehicle type
• Fuel economy
• Emissions
With more than 12000 makes and models of car and van available, you can be sure you’re not missing out on anything. If you want to lease a car then this is the site for you, whether you’re an eco-warrior looking to drive up to 20000 miles per year, or someone with off-road aspirations who wants maintenance included.
For bargain hunters there’s even a dedicated section of the site for special offers.
Another bonus of this site is that you deal direct with the finance company you’ll be getting the vehicle through – there are no third parties or middlemen.
Jargon Busting

The site is also a useful resource for those new to vehicle leasing, with a ‘contract hire explained’ section detailing exactly what it entails, and an excellent jargon buster for everyone to understand. This information can help make sure contract hire is right for you. If that wasn’t enough, the site features impartial advice on many other topics.
And if you want to check out alternatives to lease hire, you could try the Exchange and Mart New Audi section. They have a range of models available and you can browse at your leisure online.
But if you’ve decided to take out a contract hire agreement, get in the know and check comparecontracthire.com before you make a decision. You could save money, get exactly what you need, or even find out the car of your dreams is within reach.


Ford Mustang: Five Generations and Counting

When the first Ford Mustang went on sale in 1964, the Beatles had just broken America and the post-war baby-boom generation was coming of age.  The Mustang was a product born to serve the times, the classic mix of dynamic style and affordability ensuring its continuing popularity today. 

Conceived in the early 1960’s, the Mustang took the basic design of the Ford Falcon and gave it muscles.  It was a looker too – the famous running horse motif and the long sloping hood, lower roof and low seating produced a slimline effect that had instant appeal.

 Ford sold 97,705 coupes that year and over four times as many the following. In the midst of demand for a racing model that could take on the Corvette, Carroll Shelby modified 100 ‘K-code’ high-performance models which are still highly praised today.  Even as Chevrolet and Pontiac brought out their own new ‘muscle’ cars in the later sixties, they could not rival the Mustang in popularity.  

 The seventies saw a tighter model with smaller power plants: the less-powerful 2.8L V6 engine was a hit and later a V8 engine was also available meaning that in 1975 Mustang II achieved record sales.

 Later in the decade, the Mustang grew in length but lost weight as the lightweight ‘Fox body’ chassis came into being.  There were now also luxury options including the ‘Ghia’ model.

 The eighties gave the Mustang a turbocharged boost and the convertible, missing for almost a decade, made a comeback.  Early nineties saw a redesign and a new 5.0L V8 for the GT, which could gain speeds of 60 miles per hour in around six seconds.

 Mustang, in the early noughties, kept the scalloped sides and taillights split into three, reminiscent of the vintage models. With features like smart suspension which reacts to road surface changes, Mustang took a leap into the 21st century and will continue to do so.

 Next year the 2013 models coming out range from the Mustang GT to the Boss 302, Shelby GT500 and the V6, building on the success the brand has received across generations.