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2012 Mercedes A Class out in the Cold (Spy Video)

Here are the latest pictures of the upcoming 2012 Mercedes A Class sporting less camouflage than the previous spyshots.

The two cars are undergoing rigourous winter testing in northern Sweden which is reaching the end of its test cycle as its spent a lot of time on the Nurburgring in Germany and was first spotted in 2009.

The car is allready in production prototype from and hints at the final shape which is close to the A Class concept shown in Shanghai in april last year albeit more doors.

Powering the unit is a multitude of petrols ranging from 109 hp to the flagship petrol sporting a 210 hp turbocharged four cylinder along with a similar output diesel range.

Also a AMG variant is in development and expected in middle of 2013 with the above model arriving at the Geneva Autoshow in march.


BMW’s not so secret test facility

Here’s a video from BMW TV showing a “billed” secret testing facility in Miramas in the south of France.

The test facility is the usual gated compound but the track is surrounded by public highway and even google streetview has photographs of this “area-51”.

Anybody with step ladders can gain Photography from this location.

BMW invited a select few M customers, to be exposed to the many variants of the M3 including the M3 GTS and the GT4 Track variants.

Enjoy the Video:-