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Lamborghini’s “Aventadore” v12 Engine revealed

After the numerous sighting we made of the Jota or the rumoured “Aventadore” Murcielago replacement, lamborghini have revealed the powerunit which is being developed along with Bosch and Lamborghini’s technology partners.

The V12 will be capable of a world beating 700hp of naturally aspirated power and the usual 4 wheel drive transmission from the Audi quattro system from Germany,along with Lamborghini ISR gearbox with an impressive 40% improvement in speed of the gear changes over the current Gallardo servo actuated gearbox.

The v12 powerunit depending on application will be capable of an impressive 3hp per kilogram, due to the various weight reduction techniques applied using advanced lighter materials, for example nitride-hardened crankshafts ensures the weight is an impressive 24.6kg and ensures the engine high revving characteristic and minimise bearing wear.

Along with a carbon fiber induction system reflects in the total engine weight of 235kg.

And for the environmental concerns the 60 bar fuel pump will be electronically controlled to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions and consumption on this application.

Thanks go to the guys at Jalopnik for the rumoured name for the Jota prototype we spotted undergoing test at the Nurburgring in Germany Earlier in the year.

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 at the Nurburgring for a polish?

Today we spotted a shiny Lamborghini LP640 being loaded on to the trailer with the same crew as the recently spotted LP-560-4 facelift.

Could this be the same car which is meant to be at the Goodward Festival Of Speed in July, If so the facelifted car was probably getting some shakedown test’s prior to next months event.

I can see no other reason why a LP640 would be sat Idle waiting for its travel companion without being seen, then again it might be on the track tommorow only time will tell.