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Worlds Very Best – Lamborghini Aventador Parking Video.

aventador ultimate parking

One of the problems of owning a supercar like the Lamborghini Aventador is keeping an eye on your worldly assets.

The Property owners Hamilton Parks in Singapore is a brand-new 30-storey luxury development where flats cost between £6 and £15 million.

But with parking in the city limited, the skyscraper designer came up with an innovative way of parking some of the planet’s fastest cars.

Residents simply drive their 200mph motors into a biometrically-controlled lift at the base of Hamilton Parks on the city’s swanky Orchard Road.

So if you want to gaze over the horizon and share the experiance with your trusty steed, make sure its a Lamborghini Aventador and not a nissan micra.
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Koenigsegg Agera R – Geneva 2011

The guys over at Autogespot have got the first shots of the Koenigsegg Agera R.

The Agera R runs on biofuel and is the most powerful that the car maker Koenigsegg has ever built. The five-liter V8 engine generates 1115 horsepower and, thanks to extremely light weight of 1330 pounds, this is a car that is very hard.

There is no details of the performance of the car but expect a 0-60 of sub 3 seconds and a max speed of around 225mph.

Is there going to be any surprises left at Geneva with all the leaks???

Source :- www.autogespot.com