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Alfa’s SUV / Crossover Spy shots.

Here are the latest spyshots of the Alfa Romeo Crossover, which has its sights set on competing with the Land Rover Evoque and Ford’s Kuga.

The Prototype Test mule is based on Alfa Giulietta body and dare I say it the front is a Jeep, but hey it is only an early production mule and being produced in collaboration with Jeep.

We expect the power to be delivered by the current range of petrol and diesel Alfa engines.

If the marriage from the styling gurus at Alfa and the off road expertise at jeep they might just have a Kuga beater.

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Alfa to unveil concept 4C GTA at Geneva

Alfa Romeo is to unveil an all-new sports car to the 2011 Geneva motor-show.

The Alfa 4C GTA will be styled along the same design lines as the rare 8C Competizione supercar, and pricing will be aimed at the likes of the Boxter and the Audi TT.

The transmission will be rear-wheel drive mid engined affair, and will be sat on a heavily tweaked version of the X-Bow chassis.

Powered by the Giulietta sourced Cloverleaf’s 1.8-litre turbocharged engine and expected to be tweaked to around 260-270hp, along with the hinting of use of carbonfibre panels cockpit and aluminium chassis could weigh it sub 900kg which is lighter thant its main rivals from Porsche and BMW.

Alfa Romeo have teamed up with Italian company Dallara Automobili, who engineered the X-Bow. Dallara has reportedly developed a carbonfibre cockpit for the 4C GTA.

We Expect a concept to be revealed at the 2011 Geneva motorshow and the production preview at Frankfurt aiming for first sales fourth quarteer 2012.

If the design is kept in faith of the 8C expect a very beautifull car.


Bertone Alfa Concept #Geneva

After a two year absence from the international scene, Bertone returns to the Geneva Motor Show, unveiling a concept car that makes its world premiere here: the Pandion, an aggressive yet beautiful coupé designed as a tribute to Alfa Romeos’ one hundred year anniversary.
The Pandion: an extreme and controversial sports car in typical Bertone fashion. The size of the concept car (4620 mm in length, 1971 mm wide, 1230 mm high, 2850 mm wheelbase) offers a compact sports car external dimensions with a large sports car interior feeling, all powered by a 4.7 litre, 450 CV 8-cylinder Alfa Romeo engine.

The Pandion is the first car produced by Mike Robinson in his new role as Design and Brand Director at Bertone. A pure ‘dream car’, the Pandion takes its rightful place as a member of Bertone’s historic Alfa Romeo family: cars that have always been style icons, influencing the history of the automobile and Italian craftsmanship in their excellent design quality, proving themselves to be undisputed benchmarks for the entire world of car design.

The name comes from the animal world, as Pandion Haliaetus is the scientific name for an Osprey: a sea hawk that nests and lives in coastal areas. The designers, led by Mike Robinson, have drawn inspiration from the wings of this predator to invent the spectacular door opening mechanisms, and from the hawks’ facial markings to project the traditional Alfa family feeling into the next era of design.

In almost a century of Bertone tradition, it is not the first time that natural wonders have inspired the names of concept cars. Just think of the Corvair Testudo (1963) and, by no coincidence, the Alfa Romeo Canguro (1964), Carabo (1968) and Delfino (1983).

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

8C CompetizioneOne of fourty one UK cars was spotted on the Nurburgring in 2009, I present the Alfa 8C Competizione super. (500 total units)

The ultra-rare £138,500 hand-built Italian sportscar powered by a Maserati v8 was heard before it came in to view and the picture and modification highlights its beauty.

Visually appealing from every angle, the Alfa 8C Competizione looks every inch a supercar, with performance credentials to match. Under the bonnet a responsive 4.7litre V8 engine produces an awesome 450bhp. Channelled through a sophisticated 6-speed F1-style paddle shift gearbox to the rear wheels, the Alfa 8C Competizione produces enough power to launch its occupants from 0-62mph in just 4.2 seconds, and on to a top speed of 181mph. If anyone is interested in a limited Edition Canvas contact me.