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2012 Porsche 911 (991) Turbo Spied in Northern Sweden

Deep in the winter landscape of northern Sweden we have spotted the Porsche 911 Turbo.

The new 911 will have a slightly wider stance and revised daylight running led lamps.

The larger looking intercoolers exposed by the bumper hints at a increase of Power from the 2 VTG turbocharger estimate at around 550-560hp.

And expect the 0-62 time an improvement to around 3.5 seconds along and a top speed of around 198mph, could this prototype be housing the new 4.0l engine under development from Porsche.

The new 911 will unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September the Turbo series, will probably be revealed in 2012.

2012 Porsche 911 (991) Spy Video Sweden

Last year we fetched you some spy photos of the next-generation Porsche 911 Coupe testing at the Nurburgring in Germany.

Here we have the next-generation 911 Coupe video, sporting a 3d sticker trying to fool us in to thinking its a turbo variant.

The next 911 or AKA the 991 has a longer wheelbase by 56mm and a more streamline roof compared to the current 911.

Changes include streamlined headlights, Panamera-esque door mirrors.

Powering the new 991 is a totally new 345bhp 3.4-litre Boxer engine, that improves on fuel consumption by 13 percent compared to the current engine.

0-62mph comes in 4.7 seconds and the top speed is expected to be around 180mph.

Porsche 911 Speedster – Paris

Porsche has decided to revisit the 1989 speedster this is the fourth speedster built in the history of Porsche.

What seperates the Speedster apart from a 911 Cabriolet is a higher sloped, lower windscreen, and the exclusive ‘Pure Blue’ laquered exterior with a colour matched coachwork inside and an exclusive £63,995 over a Carrera 4 Cabriolet.

Under the bonnet/bootlid is the same 402bhp 3.8-litre flat six you’ll find in the freshly announced GTS with a economy of 27.4mpg.

You’ll recieve Porsches renowned PDK semi automatic gearbox along with, a limited slip diff, carbon ceramic brakes and Porsche Active Suspension Management as standard.


Gumballa Porsche Turbo

The AVALANCHE GTR 650 EVO R the chairman and founder Uwe Gemballa follows this success story and presents the face-lifted version of the previous AVALANCHE-generation. Equipped with a awe inspiring car form design and an auto body which has been broadened with Thyssen steel, the super sports car
sets benchmarks for production quality and design accents.

But that is not enough: the AVALANCHE GTR 650 EVO-R offers elaborate, supreme technology and with 650 PS its tuned engine delivers an enormous top speed of 332 km/h.

Already at first glance, the AVALANCHE explicitly underlines its ties with the extreme sports car fraternity. Especially designed gull wing doors and the new front headlights from the Carrera GT, leave significant visual form features. The same applies for the powerful metal extensions which were specially produced in a Thyssen Group subsidiary and then directly welded to the body shell. The GEMBALLA technicians developed a custom-made bonnet and side skirts as well. The front wings are replaced by a carbon version. Following the facelift of the current Porsche 911 induction engine models, GEMBALLA gives the AVALANCHE a visual refreshment as well. A part of this modernisation is the entirely re-designed front skirt. The integrated carbon front lip conveys the air to the large cooling slits and gives the car an even more lowered look.

Also the rear section of the AVALANCHE contains a makeover: the most striking feature is the use of LED tail lamps from the current Porsche 911. Moreover, this is additionally enhanced by a new rear skirt.