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TRUTH IN 24 II – Every Second Counts – Full Movie

Le Mans 24h 2012

Well the Le Mans 24h is nearly upon us. The name is regarded in the same league as the Rallye of Monte Carlo, the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix and the Indianapolis 500. Since 1923, hundreds of thousands of motorsport enthusiasts have been flocking to La Sarthe year by year to experience the one-day race.

To watch the protagonists in their sports cars battle for each place and each meter of tarmac with bated breath. The drivers cover 4,800 kilometers in 24 hours – almost as many as the Formula One racers in a whole year.

Every Le Mans winner has gone down in history. The three Audi drivers Andr‚ Lotterer, BenoŒt Tr‚luyer and Marcel F„ssler did so in a special way with the triumph they achieved in 2011.

The film TRUTH IN 24 II documents the tenth and arguably most emotional triumph of the brand with the four rings at this sports car classic. After two Audi R18 TDI cars have retired following spectacular accidents, the remaining Audi fights a dramatic battle for overall victory with the three Peugeot 908 cars, which the Audi trio ultimately decides in its favor with a narrow margin of 13 seconds.


The film captures the entire drama of the fourth-narrowest running of the Le Mans 24 Hours, with intimate insights into the team of Audi Sport and breath-taking pictures.

Source Audi of America


M3 GTS-R Nurburgring Edition Rumour’s


Every manufacturer seems to have planned a nurburgring edition of their flagship models or previously made one.

You have the lexus LFA with the limited Nurburgring Edition.

And now after the success at the 24h race,  BMW are rumored to be releasing at even more extreme version of the M3 GTS if that is possible.

Details of the model are still probably a Pipedream, and just probably the brainchild of the designers excited at the possibility.

Needless to say there will be some sort of response of the historic win to be announced at one of the european car shows later this year.

Could it be the Kers addition to the power train to answer to Porsche GT3 RSR and Ferrari hybrid offerings along with a bored out 4.4l and more engine tuning.

If its going to be a tribute to The Nurburgring 24 winning car, We would like to see at pistonspy- The side-mounted exhausts spitting flames and in its beautiful white livery.

On the other hand it could be as simple as some additional GTS runs with some extra trim levels and an exclusive colour scheme.


Lotus Exige car 114 on fire at the 24h race at the Nurburgring.

EVO’s Roger Green was one of the three pilots to drive the number 114 Lotus Exige during the The 24 Hours Nürburgring endurance race in Germany. Watch the dramatic video where the driver was unaware of the fire in the rear of the car.

Also it seems like the brakes was damaged hence the brave Bail out at Aremburg slowing the car down enough to bail out and escape the burning inferno.

It looks like Roger used one of his nine lives.