The History of the Lexus LFA From Prototype to Production

Lexus LFA

This video shows the life story of the critically acclaimed LFA which took its toll with the tragic loss of Chief Test Driver Hiromu Naruse.

Ironically is death was at the hands of the Nurburgring Edition LFA.

Also shown is the short lived lap record 7:14 which was a tribute to the personally witnessed testing strategy at the Nurburgring.

powered by a sophisticated new high-revving 4.8-liter V10 engine that generates 552 hp (412kW/560DIN hp) and 354 lb-ft (480Nm) of torque for adrenaline-fuelled 202 mph (325km/h) performance. This specially-developed powerplant is hooked up to a unique six-speed Automated Sequential Gearbox (ASG) with paddle shifters for ultimate driver control. Linked by a rigid torque tube for excellent drivetrain integrity, the ASG is located in a transaxle layout over the rear axle for an optimal 48:52 front-to-rear weight distribution.


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