Prototype Mercedes AMG SLS Cabriolet Winter Testing Spyshots

Previously we spotted a heavy camouflaged version of the SLS Cabriolet lapping the Nordschleife at the infamous Nuerburgring in Germany, now the convertible has been caught testing in the extreme cold of northern Sweden at temperatures of -18 .

This is a very light camouflaged version showing the Cabriolet in all its glory with the usual light camouflage over some of the detailing.

That means the SLS cabriolet will lose its “gullwing” doors spied on this latest prototype.

Mercedes-Benz has tweaked the standard SLS recieving an awe inspiring 420kW/ 571hp naturally aspirated power,

The Gullwinged coupe is said to accelerate from 0 – 62mp/h in 3.8 seconds and top off at 315km/h. Convertibles are normally a little slower than their hard-top specification but the loss of the gullwing could equal the weight gained from the additional chassis reinforcement.

The SLS Cabriolet should be making an appearance at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011.


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