Porsche 918 – Leaked Brochure

918 Spyder Leaked Brochure

Well here is another brochure leaked, this time showing us many paged detail of the Porsche 918 Spider, lined up for release at the Paris Motor show.

Detailed within the brochure is the 12 different varieties of lacquer to be applied to your 918, and also two special liquid metal silver & chrome blue.

And if all that choice doesnt entertain you then you can have two vinyl wraps applied one being the “Salzburg Racing” design, and the other the aptly special “test-Center” named – “Wiessach Package” with the Martini Racing Design. This even comes with a stern warning that driving such a potent car with the advertisement of liquor could not be put better than Porches words of warning.

Driving a vehicle with the Martini Racing Design on public roads could have legal consequences in such countries.

Powering the new two seater is a mid-mounted 4.6-litre V8 petrol engine with an output of 580hp at a screaming nine thousand RPM, additional power from the two electric motors finishes the HP available to be 800hp with 700nm of torque available through to 7000 RPM.

Rumored performance is likely to be 60kph will take 2.8seconds along with a sub 8 seconds all the way to 200kph.

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