Nissan’s GT-R Racer Spied shakedown testing on the Nordschleife

On April 4th Nissan revealed the programe for the Nissan GT-R Team to Compete in the ADAC 24 Hour Race at the Nurburgring.

I’m very proud that Nissan and Mizuno san believe in me for this important project, in which the objectives are to participate in a race held at Nurburgring, where the GT-R has been developed since its launch, with a production-version model, to share the excitement with GT-R fans and to continue to provide “passion & emotion” to customers through further development of GT-R production cars through their ultimate performance.

The 2 cars will be driven both by Nissan and the PS3 Grand Turismo Development teams.

# 23 Team: Team NISSAN GT-R (GT -R Development Team)

# 123 Team: Team GT Academy GT-R (Polyphony Digital Team)

Before 24 hours, I have to compete in 2 of the VLN series races in the Nordschleife. The first will take place next weekend!

I’m really excited for this programe and I can’t wait to get in the GT-R and do my best for the GT-R development team at the 24h.

These pictures are of the 24h racers undergoing shakedown tests at the Nordschleife in Germany. (hence the non sponsorship decals)

This year the Nurburgring 24 Hours takes place from May 17-20.

One thought on “Nissan’s GT-R Racer Spied shakedown testing on the Nordschleife”

  1. Won’t this BS ever die, the fact is the GT-R is a better car PERIOD. Technologically the Corvette is a dionsaur, and in the world of racing they won’t allow all wheel drive cars to compete because it’s no contest. Rearwheel drive cars, particularly with the engine in front, are at a distinct disadvantage, especially in any kind of adverse weather conditions. Let’s run them both in the rain, the snow, the ice, in high wind., in all of those scenarios the Chevy winds up going into the ditch upside down trying to keep up. Hell with the Nissan I can throw the kids in the back and give them the thrill of blowing away a Corvette. How embarrassing to see them waving and laughing as we go by the Vett spinning its wheels with bravado in a vain effort to hold on to it’s last shred of machismo. 🙂 Sooner or later, most probably much later since we’re talking about GM and all the old hacks that still run the company (and would still be running it into the ground if Pres. Obama and American taxpayers hadn’t bailed them out) the Corvette will become an all wheel drive car, and no one will want to go back to the days of fishtailing out of control.

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