2011 BMW M5 Spotted Again Nurburgring.

Until recently I owned a E60 M5 awesome car and at the time the worlds fastest saloon.

So you can imagine my excitement when the new M5 was rumored.

It was reputed to be a twin turbo adaptation of the award winning V10 to compete with Audi Biturbo V10 my excitement in the prospect of the high revving V10 coupled with a twin turbo perhaps would even compete with the Lexus LFA.

Unfortunately this isn’t the case, gone is the award winning v10 and is rumored to have a Twin-Turbo 4.4 litre V8 which is used in the X6 M and the X5 M, Showing one horsepower less than the RS6 with 578hp at the crank the transmission loss in the RS6 could lead to it being beaten.

Apparently the figures for the new model 0-62mph currently has shaved 0.5 of a second of the previous model.

Time will tell if BMW have managed to improve the M5


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