Nürburgring Webcams

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Nürburgring Grand Prix Circuit

In the 1980s the Nordschleife was classified as unsafe for Formula 1 – the most famous example is probably Niki Lauda’s accident in 1976. For this reason the series was held at Hockenheim alone from 1997 on. To attract Formula 1 back to the Eifel, the then 4.5 kilometre Grand Prix circuit was built between 1981 and 1984, and was extended in 2001 by the “Mercedes Arena” section to its present length of 5.148 kilometres.

Today the circuit is between 10 and 25 m wide, featuring seven left and ten right turns, as well as large run-off zones and gravel beds. The Grand Prix track is known to be a modern and safe racing circuit which hosts top-notch motorspor t events.

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Here are the various webcams of the area around the Nurburgring including Adenau and the famous Petrol Station & the entrance to the Nordschleife TF.

And lastly the historic Drivers’ Paddock at the Nürburgring was inaugurated at the same time as the racetrack in 1927. It is the oldest surviving pit lane complex anywhere in the world. Now it has been returned to its original condition.