The City Car

Many single people now live in flats in city centres across the UK and it’s important that their motoring needs are met by the car manufacturing industry. Many City dwellers find it impractical or even impossible to run a car, therefore demanding innovation and new ideas when it comes to the perfect City Car. Purpose and usage have become central on the prospective buyers list of criteria.

The term City Car really sprang up in the last 5 years or so. The section of the market we used to simply call ‘small cars’ seemed to get smaller and cheaper again, whilst the age old small cars we were familiar with seemed to step up a notch in the market ladder.

Cars available for reasonable prices at used cars sites like like the Fiat 500, the Smart Car, The Volkswagen Fox, and the Ford Ka came to exemplify the kind of super-mini that the UK motorist now demanded. These cars tend to be economical even in traffic, they’re easy to park, and they’re blessed with perfect manoeuvrability. They are ideal for people who tend to drive less on motorways and more around the streets, to the shops etc. City Cars like the small but sophisticated Volkswagen Up have come to represent the future of UK motoring.

The City Car seems to have come about as a response to congested roads, increasing fuel costs, hefty road tax bills, soaring insurance premiums, and all of the combined factors that have pushed up costs in the last few years. Visit to find the running costs of some of your preferred prospective purchases.

Obviously a City Car is less practical for those who put in the motorway miles or those who venture onto the open road in general. The small engine City cars may need to be pushed harder on more demanding roads and certainly aren’t as comfortable as the larger cruiser type cars with their sophisticated suspension and sumptuous cabin areas. Find both executive cruisers and City Cars on sites such as

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