Scuderia Hanseat – Nurburgring Historic Trackday under Threat

In 1958 a small circle of friends of successful race and rally drivers wanted to pass on their experience to sports car driver’s.

Since 1958 Scuderia Hanseat was training on the Nürburgring. The “Nordscleife” simply defies description and cannot be compared with any other track anywhere in the world. 12.9 miles, some 170 corners, adverse cambers, blind rises, weather changes.

The instructors which lead this historic legendary training included the likes of Edgar Barth, Hans Stuck and Stirling Moss to name but a few.

Now the new management team at the Nürburgring have put the Scuderia Hanseat in a position to start litigation and cancel an event planned in Spring this year which is a first in the History of the School.

Scuderia Hanseat states:

“The Nürburgring is a legend. Even people who have nothing to with motor sport know about its history. And now this legendary track is in danger.”

And quotes the local damage from the loss of their Business,

3200 overnight stays in the immediate vicinity of the ring
gasoline consumption in excess of € 100,000.00 per course
loss of shopping, eating / entertainment revenue, for example, in the place Adenau

It looks like the new owners hold no regard with the History and Culture of the track, which gave it the worldwide status as one of the worlds best drivers circuits.

It looks like the history of the scandal will ensure “Lidnergate” will be a dark period in the history of the Eifle and the “Green Hell”.

You can read the Scuderia Hanseat Press release in German Here:
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