Ring-Racer at the Nurburgring will it ever open??

After a delay of nearly 12 months and no activity on the progress of RingRacer at the Nurburgring, and the Accident back in September of 2009 what is the progress of the opening of the “Worlds Fastest Rollercoaster”.

Apparently the roller coaster manufacturer “S & S Power” had to give money back to Nurburgring GMBH for not forfilling their contractural obligations reported to be around the 600,000 euros mark.

There are also rumours that TUV wont give approval because of the speed the Carriages go through the public walk area’s where the Carriages go directly overhead, and the possibility of injury from dropped items.

It is quite embarassing as well because one of the attractions within the complex “Eifel Tour” the motionless driver refers to the ring racer 3 times on his virtual tour of the beautifull Eifel Valley.

This was meant to be reopened in Spring 2010 there still is no official word nor any activity on the Rollercoaster and Prominately reminds you off the failure everytime you see it.

It looks like the controversy of the many lap records claimed at the nordschleife; has also been emulated with the claim of the “Worlds Fastest Rollercoaster”.

This crown is aptly going to Abu Dhabi’s ‘Ferrari World’ and this will likely be up and running before the RingRacer, and that is reported to be 125-150mph due to open in August 2010.

If anybody has got any alternative use suggestions for the Ring-Racer please comment:


One thought on “Ring-Racer at the Nurburgring will it ever open??”

  1. They should have individual capsules which are fully covered and where you lie face up or down. Should get around the indoor issue plus as they could charge more.
    I was disappointed it wasn’t working when we were there at Easter but then again I just went for another lap!

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