Gumpert – Super sports car manufacturer in provisional insolvency

Gumpert Apollo Insolvency

Altenburg (Germany)-based manufacturer for super sports cars, Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH,
had applied for insolvency proceedings, after expected sales volumes in the major target market China
couldn’t be realized.

Local court in Gera (Germany) appointed lawyer Mr. Görge Scheid as provisional insolvency administrator.

After a first factory inspection and talks with all 30 employees, Mr. Scheid
considers the business’ chances of recovery as extremely beneficial.

“The super sports car “apollo”, developed by Gumpert is technically mature and holds superior
performance figures compared to all other cars. Now it’s essential to reactivate the European market,
which has been neglected over the past years.”

First discussions with potential investors take place this week.

The highly-experienced Audi-Manager Roland Gumpert, who has set up his own business ten years ago
and founded Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur on January 8 2004, has created with the apollo’s
development and production a worldwide street-homologated sports car, which has been unbeaten by its
competitors on the Nürburgring for more than three years now.

“The apollo has gained an exclusive fan base throughout Germany and Europe. Now we will take care of
this customer base intensely.

We are hoping that this is a short term glitch for Roland Gumpert and look forward to more Lap Records at the Nurburgring for years to come.


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