AC Cobra in 130mph Crash

I often wonder that as time goes on and car manufacturers make the cars heavier and introduce many safety systems, it tends to remove a lot of character from the car but results car insurance UK to be cheaper.

One of my favorite examples is the AC Cobra which is unlikely to ever be matched in style due to lack of safety systems, the fact that the roll bar behind the driver is leaving any passenger at risk from a severe perhaps fatal gravel rash.

However, the AC Cobra replica at a speed of more than 130mph suffered mechanical failure or an incorrectly fitted part caused an horrific crash.

The car skidded on track for more than 20 meters and then hooked itself in to a multiple flip as the 3 point harness and the roll bar saved the drivers life.

Luckily the driver walked away from the crash with light bruising and a sore knee but unfortunately the car was a Wreck.

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