Video: Hennessey CTS-V – 220.5 MPH

Well the boys over in the USA have opened their new 85mph toll road in Texas, with the sort of fanfare which will have the road safety expert’s suffering from stress based insomnia.

The tuning outfit Hennessey have taken their VR1200 twin turbo Cadillac CTS-V Coupe to test the limits by taking their 1226 crank horsepower to a jaw dropping 220.5mph on the newly opened road.

Surprisingly this was backed by the Texas state police in conjunction with testing the TxTag toll system along with the amazing footage showing the confirmed speed by the means of GPS.

The car didn’t reach its top speed according to Hennessey, but are claiming the very tenuous accolade of the worlds fastest CTS-V, be sure not to try this for yourself as the police wont be so tolerant if you try this yourself.

Moral of the story is pay your tolls as a 220.5 CTS-V was still automatically billed for use of the new 85mph Toll road.


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