G-Power 1M V8 0-314 km/h G1 Hurricane RS BMW Supercharged Video

G-power 1M
We all know how ludicrously seductive the sound of the BMW M3’s V8 sound’s, now just imagine the same thunderous exhaust tone after the guys at G-Power have strapped the ASA T1-523 supercharger kit on and then transplanted the powerunit in to the chassis of the capable 1 M Coupe.

Sport Auto’s test Driver Christian Gebhardt videos his drive in the G-Power G1 V8 Hurricane RS and also films his High Speed run on the Autobahn and takes this ford fed 1 M Coupe to a whopping 314 km/h,

This Prototype Top Speed is limited to 314 km/h due to needed gearbox limitations which still is being worked on, the production G1 will reach 330 km/h.
Source: GermanCarScene

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