Audi RS4 B5 Police Video

Its not everyday a motoring journalist can share with you some of his own Police Camera Action but as you can see its worth sharing.

I got Caught doing 102mph on the M6 close to Preston and received 6 points which is now off my license. otage you must admit (o:

This example of the B5 RS4 had MTM tuning with hybrid K04’s and an impressive 550bhp.

2 thoughts on “Audi RS4 B5 Police Video”

  1. Lol Tony, I remember you talking about the whole ordeal when we last met, loved the way you told about the conversation with the cops after you got out, funny stuff! 😀

  2. the guy wasnt causing any hazard to other road users- typical pigs – get the guy who is speeding! ( makes money!)

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