Alfa to unveil concept 4C GTA at Geneva

Alfa Romeo is to unveil an all-new sports car to the 2011 Geneva motor-show.

The Alfa 4C GTA will be styled along the same design lines as the rare 8C Competizione supercar, and pricing will be aimed at the likes of the Boxter and the Audi TT.

The transmission will be rear-wheel drive mid engined affair, and will be sat on a heavily tweaked version of the X-Bow chassis.

Powered by the Giulietta sourced Cloverleaf’s 1.8-litre turbocharged engine and expected to be tweaked to around 260-270hp, along with the hinting of use of carbonfibre panels cockpit and aluminium chassis could weigh it sub 900kg which is lighter thant its main rivals from Porsche and BMW.

Alfa Romeo have teamed up with Italian company Dallara Automobili, who engineered the X-Bow. Dallara has reportedly developed a carbonfibre cockpit for the 4C GTA.

We Expect a concept to be revealed at the 2011 Geneva motorshow and the production preview at Frankfurt aiming for first sales fourth quarteer 2012.

If the design is kept in faith of the 8C expect a very beautifull car.


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