Keating Supercars Berus

It was a sad day to hear that Fiat and Chrysler were to force the extinction and end the production of all American Dodge Viper back in 2017.

But over at Keating Supercars in Bolton Lancashire UK, have designed and manufactured a prototype based on the European Common Viper and aptly named Vipera Berus.

Keating Supercars Berus (Click More For Gallery)

This fifth generation car is manufactured from a tubular steel chassis and uses carbon fibre to reduce weight throughout.

Powering the car will be a choice of venomous engines Keating have developed, based on an all alloy V8 LS engines, from a naturally aspirated – 525hp and 630hp or “Charged” (turbo or supercharged) 700hp and 750hp.

Berus Startup

These can feature a unique, big bore cylinder block that is anchored with a forged crankshaft, featherweight titanium connecting rods and friction coated pistons. Engineering that is similar to a formula 1 car; but it’s the air flow capacity of the cavernous, CNC-ported heads that enables it’s tremendous power and even offer custom engine blocks up to 2000hp for the discerning snake charmers.

All this power would be pointless if it wasn’t kept under control by a race inspired pushrod-actuated double wishbone suspension.

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