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This is the area all my photography assignments get a preview and teaser pics

Peugeot’s Racing RCZ at the Nurburgring’s TF

The weekends Touristen Fahrten was very busy and the days Nurburgring Photos are in the GALLERY.

But on the busy TF we spotted undergoing some familarisation laps was the 2010 ADAC 24h entry for Peugeot the new Racing RCZ, once again the race colours and sponsors where hidden under a matt black wrap.

I Spotted the white cars on the 11-04-2010 TF also and can now confirm that these was the Peugeot Drivers.

The racing version of the Peugeot RCZ, was built to the series production standard and according to the rules of the class D1T for turbo diesel cars up to two liters of displacement. Its 2.0-liter HDi engine makes the car 147 kW / 200 PS.

Nurburgring Photos on Multiple days in April.

I havent had chance to update the photoblog as much as I would like so heres a list of what days I have missed:-

12-04-2010 Nurburgring TF – Evening Nurburgring Photos at Pflantzgarten2 CLICK HERE

13-04-2010 Nurburgring TF – Evening Nurburgring Photos at Pflantzgarten CLICK HERE

15-04-2010 Nurburgring TF – Evening Nurburgring Photos at Flugplatz CLICK HERE

16-04-2010 Nurburgring TF – Evening Nurburgring Photos at Flugplatz CLICK HERE

17-04-2010 Nurburgring TF – Evening Nurburgring Photos at schwalbenschwanz CLICK HERE

18-04-2010 Nurburgring TF – Full Day TF including the Scumrun charity rally CLICK HERE

11-04-2010 Nordschleife Touristen Fahrten Photo’s

The Nordschleife Photographs were taken from Pflanzgarten to Schwalbenschwanz, The day started off showing signs of rain and was a very bitter cold day didnt get over 8 degree’s, but gladly kept rain free to the latter parts of the afternoon.

There wasnt many stoppages just one round lunch time, A very Good selection of cars arrived at the northloop about 12-13 Ford Focus RS were on a forum ring trip, But once again there was a lot of Porsches including the first generation VW Beetle to the latest GT3RS in its renault livery. So lets see a selection of some of the Porsches seen
Click Here For The Gallery

21-03-2010 Nurburgring Photos (TF)

Well here it is the first photo’s of  the Nurburgring Touristen Fahrten held on the legendary Nordschleife.

It was a rather wet affair & overcast and on arrival there were a very scraped looking Ferrari 430 on the yellow truck, I was expecting a closure but the Northloop was in full swing.

I wouldnt say it was busy but it was a good start considering the awfull weather and the past large snow falls.

The storms which hit the Eifel have changed a lot of the landscape “Xynthia”  has caused extensive damage to the trees in the area.