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Fornasari Tender – Geneva Motorshow

After walking round the Exhibits seeking an alternative to the many Hybrids and usual facelifts models on show,then I came across the Fornasari “Tender”.

This will be a must buy for the Luxury Yacht market, My only concern is the Sundeck doesnt look big enough to host a Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee Jones Video.


Yachting style for this model designed for leisure and seascapes. Precious wood finishing and naval details demonstrate once again the possibility of creating a unique vehicle.

Customization is a must. No colour range is taken for reference. Both interior and exterior views are determined according to the clients’ taste.

The most exclusive and even the most eccentric materials find their right place. Also, no limits are given for the engine: either 450 or 600 horse power, with 6-speed or automatic gearbox, suspensions ready to win the Dakar or the Grand Prix.

Anything may be required and everything can be satisfied: Formula breaks, hand-hammered body in carbon or aluminium, and even 18″ rims or the 23″ dizzy ‘rings’, which can be combined with tires for either desert sands or high-speed circuits.

Even the armour plating becomes peculiar on the RR600. With such a set of size, weight and mechanical features, this protection grants for the best safety solution with no diminishment in the performance level.

Technical Specification:

Engine: 7000cc – 8 cylinders
Power: 610hp @ 6000 rpm
Torque: 748 Nm @ 5100 rpm
Traction: Integral 4WD
Length: 454 cm
Width: 208 cm
Height: 169 cm
Wheelbase: 300 cm
Weight: 1650 kg
Seats: 5

Max speed (self-limited): 280 km/h
Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 3.8 seconds
1 Km run in: 23 seconds