This site was founded in 2009 by Anthony (AKA) Foggy Dewhurst, formerly a freelance computer consultant.   But his passion for motorsport and photography convinced him to create this website in March 2009

Pistonspy is the realisation of his passion for motorsport and photography and contains a Stock of more than 50,000 images. 

A Pistonspy taken image is immediately recognisable as it isn’t just a picture of your Car or Motorcycle it will always be a reminder of the beauty and the captured emotion portrayed in the recognisable scenery of its location. 

The main purpose of the Pistonspy Gallery is to ensure that all your images are captured and easily viewable and when you make a purchase the speed and the fulfilment of your order is important to us.

Also we would like to give you the Pistonspy visitor an outlook in to the world of spyshot’s and motorsport news covering the automobile Industry.

Alternatively you or your company can request a private booking and have dedicated time for you and your friends or your company at a location of your choice and any image manipulation service can be met on request.

Our Mission is a simple one: To ensure that any emotion is captured by the spy and will remain a memory for a lifetime.

Foggy and the Pistonspy Team

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