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BMW 1 Series M Teaser Video and Name Confirmed!

BMW have finally named the 1-Series M-Powered Coupe, BMW M seems to want to avoid confusion with the M1 of old, by calling it the 1-Series M instead.

BMW GmbH today has revealed this sneak preview video that hints to what the model will be like.

It’s still wearing it camouflage and infact more than the original test mule pictures spotted by us around the roads in Germany.

The model will be officially unveiled at the 2010 Frankfurt IAA but the naming of the youtube video “step 1”, hints at more details and teasers.

“There are so many people out there just dreaming to have a BMW M car. We are here to realize dreams,” teases Segler in the video.

And in the accompanying interview, he goes on to explain that since the M3 has grown and matured over its nearly 25-year history, it was time to offer something more basic to BMW customers.

“This is why it is one of my most urgent goals to offer a small, affordable M model in the tradition of the very first BMW M3,” said Segler in the press release.

See the pictures of an uncamouflaged version of the 1 series M.

Ford Focus RS500 Assembly Video

It takes a while to build one of the world’s hottest hatches, and after the limited number of 500 units have sold out.

While the car may start life as nearly identical to the standard Focus RS hatchback, the video shows the factory modification that starts with a unique hood and wraps up with a special larger intercooler, bodywork, spoiler and black wheels – all completed by hand.

The FWD 350 horsepower, turbocharged 2.5-liter 5 cylinder engine is finished off by the team from 3M as they wrap the car in matte black vinyl.


Formula 2 Airborn Crash on board footage #crash #fia

Here is the amazing footage of Ricardo Teixeira’s huge airborne crash in the second race at Marrakech, Morocco, from the cockpit camera of Paul Rees. This was the FIA Formula Two Race on May 2, 2010.

The crash occured when Portugese-Angolan driver Ricardo Teixeira was trying to overtake driver Ivan Samarin. When Samarin blocked Teixeira and applied the brakes, Teixeira’s car touched the back end of Samarin’s, and Teixeira suddenly found himself launched airborn.

Teixeira said in a interview with Autosport magazine, “It was the first big crash I’ve ever had and it was very strange. I had a good exit and boosted, so I was catching a lot. I went to the middle and he moved to block, and then slowed. I just hit the back of his gearbox and went straight up. At first all I was thinking was angry at him, then I realised I was up in the air and turning – when I looked down and thought ‘I can see all the cars down there!’ Then I saw where I was going to land and just crossed my arms for the hit, but it wasn’t too bad.”

Both Teixeira and Samarind were fine after the crash, as were the other three drivers impacted by the crash.

Lets just remember motorsport is dangerous.


Today Felipe Massa was the main protagonist on the last day of the Ferrari 599XX’s activities with its debut on the track. The Brazilian driver, who will be busy as of tomorrow in the first official Formula 1 test session this season held at Valencia’s Ricardo Tormo circuit, met the clients, who, by purchasing the non-homologated sports Berlinetta, planned exclusively to use on the track, participate in the exclusive programme bearing the same name. After several laps on board of the car Felipe said: “I really enjoyed testing this car, I think it’s extremely powerful and has an exceptional stability. Considering that it has been planned for the track it’s really easy to drive.”

The clients showed great enthusiasm for the Ferrarista sharing the debut of this exceptional car: they now have a series of events ahead of them Ferrari will organise on race tracks in America, Europe and Asia, including the Finali Mondiali. Just like in Valencia on these occasions the cars will be taken care of by the team of official technicians, able to guarantee the necessary support and assistance.