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Boom Banger Rally 2014


Boom Banger Rally’s first event “The Cosmopolitan Classic” was held in August this year and will return with two more Rallies in 2014.

The Cosmo is a classic European Rally driving through France, Switzerland, Italy and Monaco over three days and in 2014 will be held on August Bank holiday – 22nd and 24th August.

However before that “The Marrakech Express” will be launched, a Rally to Africa which Boom hope will bridge the gap between many similar European events and the longer more hard core routes inaccessible to many. This event will run during the week leading up to Easter – 13th and 17th April meaning teams can enjoy Easter weekend in Marrakech before flying home. Starting in Reims in France (165 miles from Calais) it will take five days to travel down through France, across The Pyrenees into Spain, and through Gibraltar to Morocco. The total driving distance from Reims to the finish line in Marrakech is just under 2000 miles.

The criteria for entering any of the Boom Banger Rallies is to have a minimum of two drivers and the car must cost no more than £250. Also, the rules state, “Vehicles with genuine comedy value will be EXEMPT from the £250 limit.”

Bookings are now live for next year’s Rallies. Until the end of November, the entry fee has been reduced to £175 for the Cosmopolitan Classic and £250 for the Marrakech Express.

Contact: www.boombangerrally.co.uk

Email: info@boombangerrally.co.uk

Tel: 07773 398 496

Ferrari Enzo – Spotted Photogallery

Ferrari Enzo
This to me is one of the most potent supercars to ever come out of Maranello, and we was graced to have an example shown to the public at the 2012 CarFest North hosted by Chris Evans for Children In Need.

Over the years Ferrari has introduced a series of supercars which have represented the very pinnacle of the company’s technological achievements transferred to its road cars. These include the GTO, F40 and F50.
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The All-New Range Rover – Official Pics + Video

After all the picture leaks coming from RangeRover they have decided to go official with some pictures and probably a teaser video which seems pointless now. Detailing was hinted on our previous Spyshots.

The all-new Range Rover is the most capable and most luxurious Land Rover yet. Lighter, stronger and with new levels of refinement, the Range Rover reinforces its position as the world’s finest luxury SUV.

The fourth generation of the unique Range Rover line, the all-new model has been developed from the ground up, capturing the innovative spirit and iconic design of the original model which changed the world of motoring when it was launched over 40 years ago.
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2013 Nissan GT-R Official Release [video]

Nissan have officially declared the release schedule for the 2012 GTR.

The new model goes on sale November 24 in Japan and lands in European showrooms in January 2012.

The changes include the engine has been reworked to give another 20hp along with additional fuel economy over the previous.

Also the Chassis has been made more rigid which in turn gives a better transmission feel with some tweaked internals.

Also for the RHD market there will also be the addition of a “Track Pack”. Which includes some further modifications to the aerodynamics and the removal of the rear bench seats.

Along with extra cooling ducts for the Ceramic Brakes (Optional), and Carbon Fibre Air ducts to feed the induction.

We Spied the first uncamouflaged versions of this car back in 2010 Click Here!

UK Police – Over The Top (Brutality)


A police video shows the blatant abuse of “Protect and Serve” chasing a pensioner in a car and smashing a window with a baton, the 70-year-old stopped because he was not wearing a seatbelt ended up the unfortunate filmed in a scene worthy of the best police brutality collection, with police forcibly stopping his Range Rover after a 30mph chase/tail, leaping on to the bonnet and smashing a window before dragging him from the driver’s seat.

The police video shows the chase, with sirens blaring as police and the suspect drove along country roads, at one point a police voice is heard saying: “No change, no change, four zero or 30 miles an hour, still on the right side of the road, quite happy to continue.”

The scene changes dramatically when the Range Rover is stopped, apparently by a stinger device laid across the road by police from another unit, who also flag down the car on foot. (Stinger deployed for a non seatbelt offence?)

Immediately, one policeman leaps from the following car, runs to the Range Rover and tries to smash the window with a baton, while a man from the other unit leaps on to the bonnet and a voice from inside the car can be heard repeating: “Get off get off!”.

Eventually the pensioner is dragged by the arm out of his car.

The drama began when Robert Clive Whatley, a retired businessman from Usk who has suffered a stroke and takes medication for a heart condition, was challenged by Gwent police in Cymbran for not wearing a seatbelt.

He drove off as the police were issuing a fixed penalty notice, and later told Caerphilly magistrates court that he thought the police were finished with him and he needed his medication. When he realised he was being followed by a patrol car with flashing blue lights and sirens, he thought they were giving him a police escort home, he told the court. (quite understandable considering the pensioners medication request)

He was found guilty of not wearing a seatbelt, of failing to stop for a police officer and of having tinted car windows that did not conform to legal requirements. He was cleared of failing to stop after an accident, and admitted having a non-regulation registration plate. He was fined a total of £235 and ordered to pay £300 towards prosecution costs.

He has made a formal complaint to Gwent police, who expressed “great concern” over the reports. Two officers have been suspended, and the Independent Police Complaints Commission is investigating the incident.

The Police Force in UK are becoming more like judge and jury every day, I would be disgusted to be a part of the force at the moment with recent high profile brutality cases.

You wont see this video on police camera action!

Radical’s SR8LM Nurburgring 6:48 Video

Radical SR8LM LapRecord
Source:- http://www.radicalsportscars.com/

UK’s Peterborough sportscar manufacturer Radical Sportscars has smashed the Nürburgring production car lap record, with driver Michael Vergers posting a committed 6m48s lap time. The road-legal SR8LM smashed the previous record, also held by Radical since 2005, by an incredible eight seconds. All this, less than 24 hours after the car was driven from England to Germany for the record.

German motoring magazine Sport Auto oversaw the attempt, with the UK’s evo magazine confirming the time, which will be officially finalised tomorrow (Thursday).


Conditions for the record were perfect, with clear skies and temperatures in the high 20s. Vergers initially battled with the Nordschleife’s fearsome kerbs, jumps and bumps, but soon found the ideal setup, inspiring confidence to push harder.

“The car was great, I could push really hard and it felt clearly faster than the previous SR8 in 2005,” said Vergers. “It’s fantastic that we’ve beaten the record; hopefully I’ll get an opportunity to return with Radical in the future.”

Radical co-founder Mick Hyde said: “I’m obviously delighted, the record has been a real team effort headed up by Phil Abbott and Rob Wheldon. Dunlop have supplied us with brilliant, hard-wearing trackday tyres, indeed we’ve only used one set to both drive to the ‘Ring, and set the record.

“We’ve proved that the SR8LM is not only the world’s best trackday car, but it’s also practical enough to drive to and from the circuit. It is a genuine production sportscar, with genuine performance credentials, as we’ve shown today.”