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Trackspy – Motorsport Video Dashcam Comparison

It’s interesting to see how ordinary motorists and amateur/semi-pro race drivers are so fascinated (bordering on obsessed?) with obtaining F1-like data and telemetry for their driving activities.

So much so, that there are any number of quite good (and improving) smartphone apps for the major platforms that aim to provide the motorsports telemetry experience to a wide audience. Some are free, some are quite expensive, but all have a large following. Some are better implemented than others, but there’s a growing trend for this type of application to come with back-end server support for more comprehensive playback and analysis. These server systems are (so far) by no means as professional or as comprehensive as something like the Magneti Marelli’s top-end WINTAX or ATLAS products, but much more accomplished than you would ever be able to get on your smartphone.

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Gumpert Apollo Enraged and R Racer revealed in Geneva

Gumpert unveiled two world premieres at the Geneva Motorshow first the Apollo R and the road legal Apollo Enraged special edition.

Roland Gumpert the former director of Audi Sport informed us it has been 3 years since they got the 7:11 time on the infamous norschleife and is looking forward to beating it with both cars the Road Legal Apollo Enraged and the trackday special the Apollo R.

The Gumpert Apollo R uses the Audi sourced V8 used in both the V8 R8 and the RS4 with added twin-turbo engine producing 860 HP, the power increase is a tribute to the additional boost pressure and lower air gas intake temperatures along with modifications from the manifold and air intake system which will survive hotter ambient temperatures.

The engine considering its anorexic 1100kg is finished off with a single piece of cast aluminium detailing the Gumpert Logo.

The special edition GUMPERT apollo Enraged. Limited to three vehicles worldwide will have 780 hp which is the most powerful street legal Apollo to leave the GUMPERT factory.

We expect Gumpert to be attempting another record of the Nordschleife later this year.

AC Cobra in 130mph Crash

I often wonder that as time goes on and car manufacturers make the cars heavier and introduce many safety systems, it tends to remove a lot of character from the car but results car insurance UK to be cheaper.

One of my favorite examples is the AC Cobra which is unlikely to ever be matched in style due to lack of safety systems, the fact that the roll bar behind the driver is leaving any passenger at risk from a severe perhaps fatal gravel rash.

However, the AC Cobra replica at a speed of more than 130mph suffered mechanical failure or an incorrectly fitted part caused an horrific crash.

The car skidded on track for more than 20 meters and then hooked itself in to a multiple flip as the 3 point harness and the roll bar saved the drivers life.

Luckily the driver walked away from the crash with light bruising and a sore knee but unfortunately the car was a Wreck.

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Jaguar 75 R Editions Lapping the Nurburgring XF-R & XK-R

It’s Jaguar’s 75th birthday, and a few lucky owners 75 to be exact will recieve a limited-edition XKR complete with more potent power and chassis modification increasing rigidity and handling characteristics.

The XKR 75 made its debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and a few weeks later it turns up to take some Nordschleife regulars round in the press vehicles of both types of the special edition XF-R and the XK-R.

The 75 sits lower on track honed suspension where it attained a respectable Nurburgring time Laptime of 7:58.

The fettled supercharged 5.0-litre V8 now supplies 523bhp an increase of 20bhp enough to light up the rear tyres on a demand from the forced induction torque.

The V8 delivers tremendous torque from low revs and all the way to the rev limit thanks to the Supercharger characteristic lagless power.

Traction is aided by Jaguar’s fantastic electronically controlled limited slip differential, and the 4.4-second 0-60 time is faster than the stock cars.

VMAX is limited to 174mph, and the traction control is reportedly when switched off leaves you to leave smoke on every corner see the attached pictures.

2012 Mercedes CLS Brochure Shots and Nurburgring Spyshots

The 2012 Mercedes CLS has spied at the Nurburgring Nordschleife the guys over a Mercedes – Benz ‘s Passion have also seen some leaked shots of the upcoming brochure CLS.

The detailing includes the usual ” shooting brake “concept of sloping curves and feminine esque rear LED clusters. And widebody style arches.

Inside is the usual Mercedes leather interior and more sports like molded seats to increase passenger stability on hard cornering .

Engine options will be: –

CLS 250 CDI (204 hp / 500 nm ) of known engine OM651 , Available as of 03/2011
CLS 350 CDI (265 hp / 620 NM ) with OM642LS DE30LA , from 01/2011
CLS 350 CDI 4Matic (265 hp / 620 NM) OM642 LSDE30LA
CLS 350 CGI (306 hp / 370 NM) M276 DE 35 , from 01/2011
CLS 500 BE (435 hp / 700 NM) M278 DE LA 46 , from 03/2011
CLS 500 BE 4matic (435 PS / 700 NM) M278 46 EN LA
CLS 63 AMG (544 hp / 800 NM) M157 DE 55 LA

Source : http://blog.mercedes-benz-passion.com

11-04-2010 Nordschleife Touristen Fahrten Photo’s

The Nordschleife Photographs were taken from Pflanzgarten to Schwalbenschwanz, The day started off showing signs of rain and was a very bitter cold day didnt get over 8 degree’s, but gladly kept rain free to the latter parts of the afternoon.

There wasnt many stoppages just one round lunch time, A very Good selection of cars arrived at the northloop about 12-13 Ford Focus RS were on a forum ring trip, But once again there was a lot of Porsches including the first generation VW Beetle to the latest GT3RS in its renault livery. So lets see a selection of some of the Porsches seen
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