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Nurburgring Press Release 2010 Price Freeze

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Nurburgring: motorsport is paramount

In all facets of motor sport will continue to play the lead role at the Nurburgring. Fans and drivers, organizers and corporate clients will be intensively involved in the further development. Service, quality and customer needs are in the focus. First step: no increase in prices for the tourists traveling on the Nordschleife and the Grand Prix circuit.

The plan is to move the Nürburgring holding a majority of state-owned company to a private operator under the direction of the Lindner Group, which currently include two hotels and a resort village at the Nurburgring operates. A memorandum of understanding was signed on 2 December during a press conference, the State Chancellery of Rhineland-Palatinate presented.

The focus of the Nürburgring-operation will continue to be the motor – in all its forms. To this end, has expressed its commitment to the new CEO of the Nürburgring GmbH, Hans-Joachim Koch

The objectives and actions of the management led by Hans-Joachim Koch are clearly defined here and will be implemented in stages from the beginning of 2010:

· No price increase in 2010 for the tourist rides
· new billing models with organizers and co-marketing
· balanced mix of professional and popular, fan and corporate events
· No tying, but attractive packages. each retailer can use the
· Integration of regional businesses
· Every day tourist trips (Nordschleife and / or Grand Prix circuit)

Behind this is the following basic strategic orientation: The Nürburgring is, even after the expansion is no “leisure park with a race track.” But the Nurburgring is and remains the most coveted and most legendary racetrack in the world, has the post-enlargement this year through a globally unique infrastructure. This is also available for motorsports and for the tourist market. Motorsport is supported by a wide umgang program more attractive to drivers, teams, fans and organizers. The conditions for this are now created. And for the tourist market that is the attraction of “Destination Nürburgring race course, the now more than 82-year-old myth from which one can only experience in the field. Even under the new leadership of the spirit of the Nürburgring is kept alive and a wider circle of visitors erschlossen. This is true not only for major motor sport events. The very popular sport, and not least the many passionate riders on the tourists have made the Nurburgring Nordschleife with what he is today. In this area we will be together for the future with organizers, clubs and associations in full throttle.

Hans-Joachim Koch is particularly the dialogue with different stakeholders is important: “It is only natural that a change in management and short-term uncertainty brings. Our task now is to listen exactly what wishes and ideas are also concerns brought to us and then implement these together or excluded. We are Europe’s number 1 motorsports destination In order to continue that way, we will continue along the path to improve the living quality, offering the combination of old and new offerings, both organizers and visitors added value. ”

At this year’s Essen Motor Show, the racing program as early as 2010, with representatives of the ADAC and ADAC North Rhine was presented. The cooperation will extend far beyond the current rent of the circuit. Joint sales and marketing activities are included as well as transparent accounting models and revenue models that enable an economic activity for all partners. Race organizers and literally sit in the same boat.

“That’s why for example is those already planned and announced increase of prices back rides to tourists, “said Hans-Joachim Koch. “The myth reveals Nurburgring best used as driver or passenger on the Nordschleife. We will continue to make this experience a large circle of fans at a reasonable price. And why raise the prices have improved, if not yet offer service quality? Safety comes first and must be continuously optimized, but that is clearly understood and to always-investment funds are available. As long as weather conditions allow, to the so-called Touristenfahrten reliably held every day of the year, either on the Nordschleife and the Grand Prix circuit. ”

The additional revenue for this year already sold Nordschleife tickets for 2010 will be refunded to the purchasers in the form of credits on a ring ° card, it will be sent in the next few days.