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Roding Roadster Prototype Testing on the Nordschleife

Today we spotted the strange but intriguing prototype from Roding Automobile.

The Roding is a two-seater mid-engine sports cars with carbon fiber chassis and a powerful turbo engine. Due to consistent lightweight in connection with the compact six-cylinder engine for maximum driving dynamics and performance is achieved.

A strong character design and sporty driving characteristics – a Roding based only on your personal needs. Self-confident, modern and spirited is the unique vehicle concept sets new standards in the roadster segment.

The uncompromising agility and powerful occurrence to make the experience a most individual way of German engineering and innovative lightweight and not least automotive enthusiasm. For each Roding in modern manufacturing hand-made and customizable on request in detail.

The car is powered by a Turbo Powered Ford 5 cylinder engine (Focus ST) which delivers more than 300ps and 400nm of fun delivered to the rear wheels the weight is an impressive 900kg thanks to the carbonfibre construction.

This means a power to weight ratio of nearly 3kg per HP, What do you think????