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UK Police – Over The Top (Brutality)


A police video shows the blatant abuse of “Protect and Serve” chasing a pensioner in a car and smashing a window with a baton, the 70-year-old stopped because he was not wearing a seatbelt ended up the unfortunate filmed in a scene worthy of the best police brutality collection, with police forcibly stopping his Range Rover after a 30mph chase/tail, leaping on to the bonnet and smashing a window before dragging him from the driver’s seat.

The police video shows the chase, with sirens blaring as police and the suspect drove along country roads, at one point a police voice is heard saying: “No change, no change, four zero or 30 miles an hour, still on the right side of the road, quite happy to continue.”

The scene changes dramatically when the Range Rover is stopped, apparently by a stinger device laid across the road by police from another unit, who also flag down the car on foot. (Stinger deployed for a non seatbelt offence?)

Immediately, one policeman leaps from the following car, runs to the Range Rover and tries to smash the window with a baton, while a man from the other unit leaps on to the bonnet and a voice from inside the car can be heard repeating: “Get off get off!”.

Eventually the pensioner is dragged by the arm out of his car.

The drama began when Robert Clive Whatley, a retired businessman from Usk who has suffered a stroke and takes medication for a heart condition, was challenged by Gwent police in Cymbran for not wearing a seatbelt.

He drove off as the police were issuing a fixed penalty notice, and later told Caerphilly magistrates court that he thought the police were finished with him and he needed his medication. When he realised he was being followed by a patrol car with flashing blue lights and sirens, he thought they were giving him a police escort home, he told the court. (quite understandable considering the pensioners medication request)

He was found guilty of not wearing a seatbelt, of failing to stop for a police officer and of having tinted car windows that did not conform to legal requirements. He was cleared of failing to stop after an accident, and admitted having a non-regulation registration plate. He was fined a total of £235 and ordered to pay £300 towards prosecution costs.

He has made a formal complaint to Gwent police, who expressed “great concern” over the reports. Two officers have been suspended, and the Independent Police Complaints Commission is investigating the incident.

The Police Force in UK are becoming more like judge and jury every day, I would be disgusted to be a part of the force at the moment with recent high profile brutality cases.

You wont see this video on police camera action!