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Ron Howard’s Rush : Official Movie Trailer

Ron Howard's Rush Official Trailer

After nearly two years of production and live footage of the 1976 season F1 cars racing on various tracks including the Nurburgring, Ron Howard has finally revealed the first trailer for his next film, Rush.

Based on the true story of the 1976 F1 racing season, the adrenaline-filled film stars Chris Hemsworth as James Hunt, the cocky upstart British racer (and, later, commentator) and Daniel Bruhl as Niki Lauda, the established Austrian champion.

We’ve been following this film since we spied the production team filming on the Nordschleife in Germany. After nearly 2 years, we now get to watch some actual finished footage and it looks outstanding.
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The PistonSpy Official 2009 Screensaver.

To Celebrate a successfull start to Pistonspy in 2009 and the customers which have contributed to the running of this site, I would like to give a gift to all my users in Return.
This screensaver contains a selection of images taken in 2009 at the Nordschleife and the Frankfurt Motor Show it is shareware but all you got to do is use the contact page to recieve your registration key.

If you like the pictures be sure to check the Pistonspy Gallery which contains 50,000 images
I look forward to 2010 with the same determination which made 2009 an interesting start of things to come.