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BMW Concept C & E Scooters Production Prototypes.

Here are some of the clearest pictures indicating that both the BMW C & E concept scooters are finally production prototypes.

The Concept C (Commuter) has a brand new twin cylinder engine with CVT transmission rumoured to be a 650cc.

The styling takes cues from across the BMW range (the aluminium side pods are like a GS, also features a twin-tipped front spoiler like the S 1000 RR, but with a new look deliberately designed to stand out from existing scooter designs.

The Concept e is a vision:

BMW Motorrad designers have developed the style and shaping of the e-scooter of the future – electric, digital, dynamic. The designers deliberately allowed themselves plenty of freedom so as to be able to strike out new, creative paths in the design of components and surfaces.

For the power electronics and battery technology, BMW Motorrad draws on the innovative e-technology and extensive expertise of the BMW Group.
BMW i high voltage technology (> 60 volts) with the very highest safety standards enables electrically powered vehicles to equal the acceleration rates of a maxi scooter with combustion engine.

No words of specs or performance figures and could wear the same I series moniker as the I8 Etc…..