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Mark Webber’s GT2 RS and Silverstone Pax Laps

Mark Webber made his Formula One debut in 2002, scoring Minardi’s first points in three years at his and Stoddart’s home race. After his first season Jaguar Racing took him on as lead driver. During two years with the generally uncompetitive team Webber several times qualified on the front two rows of the grid and outperformed his team mates. His first F1 win was with Red Bull Racing in the 2009 German Grand Prix, which followed second places at the 2009 Chinese, Turkish, and British Grands Prix. By the end of 2009, Webber had scored eight podiums, including another victory in Brazil. His eight podiums in 2009 compares to only two podiums in the first seven years of his career.

With a CV like that it is of no surprise that he knows how to drive a car, and he owns a Porsche 911 GT2 RS.

So the Porsche marketing team set to work on publicising the formula 1 drivers purchase, by offering a lucky few to be passengers around silverstone.

Webber describes the 650hp Porsche GT2-RS as a little bit naughty, that to me is like calling Fred West innocent.


G-Power M3 GT2-S Nürburgring Video.

After our previous article our friends over at G-Power have released to us the Trackday Video taken on the Nürburgring that day.
Its good to see the first marketed M3 to celebrate the winning BMW team, at the ADAC 24h, was here to show off their interpretation of the very best tuned M3 on offer.

The fitted Radial Supercharger is an ASA T1-522 provides an exhaust pitch of the v8 mixed with the supercharger whine, and is a fantastic soundtrack to enjoy the Northloop.
If you ever wondered what a forced induction M3 v8 handles like on semi dry track, watch the composure of the GT2-S in the following Video:-
description=”G-Power GT2-S 600PS Nurburgring Track Video”

This was one of the many familarisation and track tuning laps taken that day, the first lap the car was held up by a Wiesmann GT which is no stranger on the infamous Nordschleife in Germany.

The video shows the Wiesmann GT locking its wheels on a few occasion trying to keep the supercharged V8 behind.

It were quite a spirited drive from the lightweight Wiesmann, but on the straight the wide open throttle mixed with the supercharged M3 it overtook.

Considering the track was quite slippy this was a good couple of laps from G-Power and did a respectable 160mph down Döttinger Höhe, showing capacity for its VMAX of 205mph.

You can clearly see on a few occasions the supercharged V8 immense low end torque makes the car oversteer, and also wheel span at the top of Hohe Acht.

Source: G-Power.

M3 GTS-R Nurburgring Edition Rumour’s


Every manufacturer seems to have planned a nurburgring edition of their flagship models or previously made one.

You have the lexus LFA with the limited Nurburgring Edition.

And now after the success at the 24h race,  BMW are rumored to be releasing at even more extreme version of the M3 GTS if that is possible.

Details of the model are still probably a Pipedream, and just probably the brainchild of the designers excited at the possibility.

Needless to say there will be some sort of response of the historic win to be announced at one of the european car shows later this year.

Could it be the Kers addition to the power train to answer to Porsche GT3 RSR and Ferrari hybrid offerings along with a bored out 4.4l and more engine tuning.

If its going to be a tribute to The Nurburgring 24 winning car, We would like to see at pistonspy- The side-mounted exhausts spitting flames and in its beautiful white livery.

On the other hand it could be as simple as some additional GTS runs with some extra trim levels and an exclusive colour scheme.


More Pictures of the Mk2 Porsche GT2 #Spyshots #nurburgring

Spotted the 2011 Porsche GT2 mk2 lapping at the Nürburgring Nordschleife during industry testing on the Green Hell.

There is some slight facelift features inclusding Splitter changes and LED rear light clusters, 
Some of the powerplant changes include reduction in weight from 1400kg to below 1300kg Driver Permitting .

The next is more power from the Twin Scroll blowers expecting 612ps.

It is doing some hotlaps at the ring expect some news from Porsche very soon….


TechArt GTStreet RS: record run

After gaining the new speed record for fullsize-SUVs at the High Speed Event at the Italian Nardo circuit at the beginning of December 2009, the tuners at Techart smashed the former lap record at the Sachsenring race track. The performance was achieved with their GT Street RS vehicle, based on the Porsche 911 GT2 with a 700hp (515 kw) and 860nm of torque.
The GT Street RS have already demonstrated its sprinter qualities by getting to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds.
Furthermore, the sports car achieved a 36-yard braking distance at a speed of 100 km/h. According to its creators, these performance figures were due to the TÜV-tested and approved components as well as OEM quality of the vehicle.

For the conclusion of the extensive test program, the TECHART GT Street RS was able to crown once more the performance achieved on this day. With a lap time of 1:31.94 min, the winner of the Tuner Grand Prix 2008 and 2009 repeatedly demonstrated the TECHART winning gene,” a company statement reads.

With more than 1.95 sec of head start, it left not only the competitors far behind, but improved the current AutoBild SPORTSCARS lap record at the Sachsenring by an respectable 4.47 sec with a time of 1:31.94.

Price for the 700hp GTstreet RS starts at €350,000.