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Honda’s Hot Hatch Is Back – Civic Type-R Spyshots

Honda's Hot Hatch Is Back - Civic Type-R Spyshots

Here are the latest spyshots of the 2014/15 Civic Type-R, and it looks like the car is to be powered by a turbo for the first time.

This is possibly to improve on emissions which ultimately led to the previous models being chopped, Powering the car is a bit of a mystery but we can assure you that Honda mean business with a 300hp+ serious hatch which will be powered by a new 2.2 liter engine.
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BMW FAST Spyshot of the first BMW engineered FWD

After the new shared front wheel drive platform between Mercedes and BMW fell through, and the Mercedes B-Class Proto allready in latter stages of development.

BMW have shown us the replacement for the current 1 series, which will be promoted to the 2 series moniker.

The BMW FAST, as it has been named internally, is based on the new UKL1 platform and is expected to come in front-wheel drive and rumour has it four-wheel drive form (HYBRID?).

The new model is set to rival the likes of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class/B-Class as well as the Audi A3.

The BMW FAST will hit the streets sometime in 2013.