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Lexus Terms for LFA Ownership Revealed Stateside.

Lexus have revealed the conditions of purchase of the Lexus LFA supercar, this is not to be a lease only deal but the lucky owners can own the vehicle outright but has to promise first refusal to Lexus.

You just have to pay $300,000 (€228,000) up front.

Customers in the U.S. can purchase the car but, for the next 2 years, can only sell it back to the dealer for the original sticker price or its fair market value, whichever is lower.

If the owner sells the LFA privately without first giving the buyback option to the dealer, then the dealer is owed whatever profit is made on the sale plus legal fees.

This aggresively written contract should turn away any potential buyers of the first Lexus supercar, I think if I had 200k spare I would wait for the McLaren’s MP4-12c.

The LFA is a beautifull car but come on Lexus get it right!

[Source: Autoblog.com]