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Audi TT Spotted Sporting Bentley Alloys

Here is a Audi TT coupe sporting some extreme alloys from the Bentley Continental, This 2.0l TFSI powered TT was also sat only 40mm from the floor.

Due to the lack of damage from its dropped height we suspect that an HLS System is installed, where hydraulics lift and lower the car.

I think personally the extra money to fit this kit would have been spent by buying the TTS but who am I????

Lamborghini Jota – Spyshot with Camouflaged Alloy Wheels

Here is some more pictures of the Lamborghini Jota this time sporting some comouflaged wheels the front being 19″ and the rears being 20″ .

Rumoured to be the final OEM spec for fitment to the Jota, the wheels were getting extensive testing by the Bosch Automotive engineers at the Nurburgring for the brake setup.

What do you think of the wheels?