Fully Electric BMW X1 – Spied!

Electric BMW X1

What looks like a normal BMW X1 on these photos is actually an all electric X1. As we can see its been given away by the lack of exhaust pipes and of course the Hybrid stickers.

To be really sure we waited for it to leave and there was absolutely no doubt about this being a fully electric vehicle.

So will BMW bring an EV version of the current X1 or are they already testing the technology for the next generation X1 or perhaps they are just testing range of the unit with different tyres and chassis weight?

Since they also have all those i3 running around we guess they dont need too test the i3 stuff in other type of cars.

Toyota has an EV version of the Rav4 in the works together with technology from Tesla so it might just be that BMW will offer something against that one.

We will keep you updated as soon as we got some more news about this all electric BMW X1.

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