Ferrari 599XX at the Nurburgring Hotlapping

At the end of the industry test day, I can only describe the noise as shock and awe as the Ferrari 599XX blipped past me in mid throttle.

The car only did 2 laps before the Touristen Fahrten on the 21-04-2010 but it is the fastest most planted car I have seen on the Nordschleife for some time.

If you look at the Ferrari Specs for the 599xx it omniously says “Nurburgring Lap Time TBC” look’s like it will soon be told to the world.

While based on the 599 GTB Fiorano ,with the same transaxle layout and engine type, this prototype is an extreme track car. Ferrari’s engineers have carried out extensive work on the engine’s combustion chambers and inlet and exhaust tracts. The 599XX is characterised by an innovative electronic concept called the ‘High Performance Dynamic Concept’, which has been designed to get maximum performance from the car by managing the combination of the car’s mechanical limits with the potential of its electronic controls.

The 599XX’s aerodynamics were honed in numerous Wind Tunnel test sessions with the result that the car now boasts 280 kg of down-force at 200 km/h (630 kg at 300 km/h). The front underside of the body is completely faired-in and the vents that channel hot air from the engine bay have been moved to the bonnet.

The ‘Actiflow™’ system increases down-force and/or cuts drag, depending on the car’s trim cornering conditions, courtesy of the use of a porous material in the diffuser and two fans in the boot, which channel the air flow from under the car out through two grilles next to the tail lights. Winglets have been added to the rear buttresses to increase downf-orce, while synthetic jets have also been incorporated into the rear of the car to control and smooth the air flow and to reduce drag. Ferrari’s engineers have also used F1-derived ‘doughnuts’, which partly cover the brake discs and wheel rim. These have the dual functions of improving aerodynamics and cooling the brakes.

Any Way Heres the Pictures:


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