Bentley Continental Flying Spur – Production Prototype

2013 Bentley Continental Flying Spur
Here are the latest spyshots of a production ready prototype of Bentleys Continental Flying Spur, prowling around the Nordchleife in Germany .

Even though this car is under heavy camouflage we can make out a few details on the car, the front has a more aggressive front than the Continental GT, along with round headlights hidden under the hinted square accents on the camouflage.

Powering the entry level car which I think this is, will be a forced induction 4.0-litre V8 along with two turbochargers with around 500hp. This will soon be joined by the flagship 6.0-litre variant with 616bhp and a vmax of 200mph which is artificially limited.

Following on from the two-door Continental GT, which was refreshed in 2010, the Flying Spur shares the GT’s platform, and launches during 2013, which is hinted on being the fastest Bentley 4 door, and to be priced at an estimated £160,000.

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