2012-2013 Mercedes B-Class Spyshot Winter Test

Our spies have caught the B-class Mercedes winter testing in northern Sweden approaching its release in 2011-2012, sporting some different camouflage than seen at the Nurburgring earlier this year.

Gone is the double flooring system which made the previous model unique, and in comes the Mercedes FWD architecture (MFA).t.

New B-class (W246), five-door tall roof hatchback, FWD only, also available as fuel-cell, electric drive and range extender version, FWD only, aimed at so-called silver agers (60+), launch November 2011

The next B-class is best described as MB’s answer to the hugely successful Audi A3 Sportback. The car with the three-pointed star is reportedly roomier and more versatile than the Audi SB.

Merc is aiming for a more direct drive with the new B-class family and after considerable Nurburgring track testing completed in 2010 will ensure its handling capability of the new platform.

There is all-round independent suspension newly designed for the MFA, optional seven-speed servo activated dual clutch transmission.


Engine options will be


• B180 CGI, 1.6-litre/122bhp
• B200 CGI, 1.6-litre/156bhp
• B220 CGI, 2.0-litre/204bhp

• B180 CDI, 1.8-litre/109bhp
• B200 CDI, 1.8-litre/136bhp
• B200 CDI, 2.2-litre/170bhp

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