Texas’s new 85mph Toll Road – Dangerous Pork

The Texas state troopers have fetched us details of a new danger lurking in wait of speeding drivers on the new 85mph Toll Road.

And so far the wild Pigs have caused more than 4 accidents on the newly opened road, there have been no fatalities but one car has been totally destroyed.

The area through which State Highway 130 runs is mainly farm land, on which the pigs live and breed, Caldwell County has declared a hog bounty on every critter caught and offers a $2 bounty for hunting them.

The state troopers have now resorted to using their speed detection cameras to film the packs of hogs crossing the road, after the increase in speeds the State Trooper states that even if they lower the speed there still is a problem which has them Pork Scratching for a solution.

So if you see a wild hog on the road you are recommended not to try to evade the impact but to just hit the pigs, No sleeping policeman was harmed in the making of the attached video.

Drivers hit wild hogs on new section of SH 130

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