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Liverpool FC “A1 KOP” Number Plate Auction DVLA

Motoring mad Liverpool FC fans have the perfect opportunity to show their devotion to their beloved club – thanks to DVLA Personalised Registrations.

A1 KOP, arguably the ultimate private plate reflecting one of the most iconic football grounds in the UK, will going under the auctioneers’ hammer during the first DVLA public auction of 2010 set for the Haycock Hotel, Wansford, Cambridgeshire.

The three-day event, which gets underway on Wednesday, January 27, will also feature the first of DVLA’s triple O registrations with 1 OOO being auctioned on Friday, January 29. All told, 1,500 registrations will fall under the gavel.

Damian Lawson, DVLA Personalised Registrations’ Marketing Manager, said: “Any self respecting Liverpool fan, or Kopite, will undoubtedly want to put A1 KOP on their vehicle, I don’t believe we have another personalised plate in our vault which so befits a club or ground in which A1 KOP does. It doesn’t matter what football team you support, the mere mention of the word KOP brings instant recognition to Liverpool FC.”

In total, DVLA’s forthcoming auction will comprise 1500 registrations chosen to offer an eclectic mix to suit all tastes, styles and pockets, including, ABS 41L (reserve – £350), AMG 80Y (£400), AWS 50M (£400), A1 DAF (£900), A51 EEP (£300), 816 BOS (£1,700), 8 BSA (£1,900), BU55 BYS (£900), ELT 70N (£900), EMA 11L (£400), 458 FNE (£1,500), GHO 555T (£900), HAT 80X (£450), 1 HNE (£3,200), 1 OOO (£8,000), TOW 600D (£450).

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