Conquest Vehicles Video Teaser Evade – Non Armoured

We only have to switch the news on nowadays and be shocked at the instability of certain parts of the world.

So even though I can understand the need of an armored vehicle as “It’s A Hard World Outside”, But for example if my name is Tom Jones I might find all this ballistic plating a bit over the top for all his knicker throwing post menopause fans.

To which Conquest Vehicles have a solution for safe passage to Toms “Green Green Grass Of Home”.

This is where you scream “Whats New pussycat” from the 5000kg armored Knight XV well, the EVADE’s unarmored new body style, design and aesthetic includes new headlights and taillights sleekly wrapping around the sides of the vehicle, narrower fender flares, a redesigned grille, hood scoop, the addition of a third tandem sunroof and a wider backdoor to accommodate EVADE’s wider body frame to allow for exit/entry of executive security though the rear of the vehicle. The rear bumper now features an integrated step to simplify this access.

EVADE’s luxurious interior cabin space provides over 400 cubic feet and carefully blends military inspired design cues with elegant and rich finishes and houses a new ergonomically designed cockpit and cabin while offering both driver and passengers touch screen technology.

EVADE is offered in newly designed ergonomic 2+2 limousine-style seating. Also available are 2 electronic executive style reclining seats with the option of either a driver partition or retractable flat screen television. The interior also offers lap top trays, a third sunroof and more cabin space.

“Its Not Unusual” to expect a Luxury “Sex Bomb” SUV to carry a price tag of around $579,000.

Built on a Ford F550 Super Duty Chassis, EVADE’s massive unarmored skin is made from an aluminum-mild steel blend, making it significantly lighter then its armored cousin, the Knight XV.

Standard features include front and rear commercial grade air ride suspension, power windows, and 360-degree roof mounted, joystick-controlled searchlights. EVADE is offered in 4×4, and is available with either a gasoline or diesel engine.

EVADE will also come equipped with FLIR night vision camera systems in the front and rear of the vehicle, because there “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone”.

Enjoy the Pictures!

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