Gumpert Release the first picture of the Tornante Concept

Gumpert have release the first image of the italian sounding Tornante ahead of its unveiling at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

Featuring an exclusive design by Carrozzeria Touring Superleggara the hand built supercar will input some style over the usual Gumpert focused design.

The picture hints at the stylish but functional front fascia along with aggressive air vents feeding air to the two intercoolers hidden underneath.

Sporting Gull wing doors and composite body panels mated to chrome molybdenum steel chassis.

And the cockpit will be made from carbon fibre which eill aid the lightness of the finished article we expect a weight of around 1150kg.

Most of the internals will be audi sourced along with the tt40e gearbox from the Apollo.

The Power unit will be the 4.2 liter biturbo v8 which is expected to be similar to the Apollo of around 690 Bhp.

The GUMPERT TORNANTE by TOURING will be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show.

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